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試験科目:IBM Enterprise Storage Technical Support V5
問題と解答:全60問 C9020-568 試験過去問

>> C9020-568 試験過去問


NO.1 How does the IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack enable the IBM DS8880 to become part of an
OpenStack infrastructure?
A. The driver brings policy based file level capabilities to block based storage.
B. The IBM DS8880 is allowed to be virtualized through the driver
C. The user requests are routed to the driver which handles the action requested
D. The driver provides a feature code to enable cloud access for iSCSI and Fibre Channel.
Answer: A

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NO.2 How does an IBM XIV provide a guarantee of consistent performance even under the most
dynamically changing elastic cloud workload environments?
A. Built in performance monitoring of key resources
B. Support for multiple versions of OpenStack software
C. Use of a distributed grid architecture
D. Capacity on Demand addition of useable storage
Answer: C

NO.3 A customer wants to improve performance in its storage environment.
The customer is considering adding SSD drives or an IBM FlashSystem product to the environment.
Which IBM tool helps the customer understand the benefit in performance of these different
A. TCOnow!
B. Disk Magic
C. IBM Spectrum Accelerate
D. Capacity Magic
Answer: A

NO.4 A customer has existing fiber attached storage that has reached the end of life.
The customer wants a scalable solution that is easy to manage and integrates with VMware.
The customer has a preference for an IBM XIV based solution, but is concerned about migrating the
existing data and boots volumes.
Which explanation best addresses the customer's concern?
A. Thin provisioning on the IBM XIV will reduce the necessary capacity ofthe XIV.
B. IBMXIV has both a vCenter and VAAI plug-in.
C. IBM XIV has a build in capability to copy the existing data.
D. An IBM Spectrum Control must be included
Answer: B

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